sending gifts while traveling for work

sending gifts while traveling for work

Are Silk Flowers Or Fresh Flowers Best For Wedding Decorations?

Ella Young

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. They bring color, personality and life to a wedding theme. Whether you want real or silk flowers, you should base your decision on the theme of the wedding and your budget. Here are four things to consider when choosing to have real or custom silk flower arrangements for your wedding.


Wedding decorations have to stay in place for hours and you need flowers that can maintain their appearance for the entire time. Silk flowers have the advantage because of not having to worry about the petals wilting. They are also a good choice for warm weather and will not freeze in cold weather.  Real flowers can be delicate and they tend to droop easily.  

Ease of Transport

It helps to use wedding decorations that are easy to transport. Silk wedding flowers are lightweight and a good option for bouquets. They make it easier to transport bouquets and carry them down the aisle. Silk flowers are more durable and do not need watering. They can also withstand being stomped on and you do not have to worry about the blooms falling apart.

Do you want Scented or Unscented Flowers?

Couples have to consider scent when choosing flowers for their wedding. Real flowers cause some people to sneeze and have headaches. However, there are options for people who want real plants.

According to Riviera Allergy Medical Center, cactus, columbine, bergonia, geranium, daffodil and crocus are allergy friendly plants. Silk flowers can be scented to smell like the real thing. If you suffer from allergies, then silk flowers allow you to enjoy beautiful blooms without getting sick.


Artificial flowers are not always cheaper than real flowers. They are very practical, but can be as expensive as the real thing. A disadvantage of using real flowers is that you have to pay more when they are out of season. Silk flowers are available in every type, shape and color. They are also always in season. If cost is a concern, then it helps to ask for the price up front.

A wedding allows a couple to profess their love in front of family and friends. A couple should not have to worry about something going wrong with their decorations. It helps to thoroughly plan and work with a florist for the best outcome. You cannot go wrong with real or silk flowers. However, a silk bouquet can look as beautiful on your 20th anniversary as it did on your wedding day. To learn more, speak with a business like Primrose and Poppy.


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sending gifts while traveling for work

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