sending gifts while traveling for work

sending gifts while traveling for work

2 Tips For Ordering Your Wedding Day Flowers

Ella Young

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most beautiful days of your life. To help make your venue as beautiful as possible, florists are able to provide a range of flowers and arrangements that can meet almost any need or taste. You may not have experience ordering flowers from these providers, but if you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid some common problems while getting the most from this investment in your wedding. 

Bring Photos When Meeting With The Florist

Choosing the type of flowers and how they are arranged is a surprisingly complex decision. The colors and patterns will interact with the surrounding environment, and this can make it difficult for individuals to determine exactly how flowers will look during their ceremony. 

To help mitigate this problem, you should bring photos of both the venue and the wedding dress as well as bridesmaid dresses with you to the initial consultation. This will allow the florist to pick up on the color theme for the wedding, which will help them make effective recommendations. While it is still possible to get this advice without these pictures, it will be more difficult, and this meeting will likely take far longer to complete. 

Utilize Delivery Services

There can be many expenses associated with having a wedding, and it is no surprise that people will attempt to cut corners to reduce costs. One of the most common things to be cut is the flower delivery service. This is especially true for those that have vans, SUVs or trucks that can easily hold the flowers. 

However, this can present numerous problems. Without refrigerated transportation, the flowers can quickly to start wilt. Also, it is unlikely that your vehicle will have restrictions that will hold the flowers in place. This adds a risk of the flowers being damaged if they tip over in the car. Luckily, the expense for these services is often minimal, which means you can enjoy the benefits of having your flowers delivered to your wedding venue without having this be a source of major strain on your wedding budget. 

Having flowers for your wedding day is one of the best ways of adding class and beauty to your venue. However, many individuals have little to no experience ordering flowers, but if you follow these two tips, you should be in a better position to get the most from your wedding flowers.


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sending gifts while traveling for work

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