sending gifts while traveling for work

sending gifts while traveling for work

Four Fun Floral Arrangements For New Parents Or For A Baby Shower

Ella Young

If you want to bring a gift that will be a refreshing change from the boxes of diapers and onesies typically gifted at a baby shower, consider giving the new parents a beautiful floral arrangement. Personalize the arrangement with something that welcomes the little bundle of joy, and that will make the flowers distinctive and unique. Try some of these suggestions, also, when decorating your venue for a baby shower, using these as your centerpieces or focal point of the party.

Some fresh and fun floral ideas for a baby shower include:

A baby cake.

Talk to a florist about creating a baby shower "cake" out of simple white, pink, or blue carnations. Decorate the flowers by inserting and securing ribbon in the center of the floral foam, and tying a cute baby rattle to the end. These cakes are quite simple to make, and online tutorials make it easy for you to create your own for a party centerpiece or gift.

A ravishing rattle.

Create a cool door ornament or gift bouquet that resembles a rattle. This can be made simply with daisies or other inexpensive blooms, which basically cover two foam spheres, attached together with ribbon-wrapped paper towel tube. This is the perfect accent to hang on the door to welcome guests to your event, and it makes a wonderful take-home gift for the parents-to-be.

A tall topiary.

There is something so elegant and dramatic about a tall topiary tree; not only do these make excellent decorations for your party venue, your guests of honor can enjoy these fresh arrangements afterward, when they take the gift home. Go with pastel shades of carnations, mums, and roses to create the spheres that rise from a grapevine trunk. Use a bright, personalized bucket or planter to contain your topiary, filling it in with clear marbles, stones, or pebbles for a fun touch.

Unexpected umbrella.

If you are planning a shower, why not plan on making an umbrella? That is, you can use a funky umbrella for a unique way to arrange flowers that hangs on a door, wall, or is suitable for gift-giving, and that doesn't cost a lot to make a huge impact. Try looking for fun umbrellas online, and talk with your favorite florist about filling it with a bounty of fresh blooms.

There are many clever and whimsical ways to incorporate fresh flowers into your baby shower or party, and many of these suggestions also make wonderful gifts for the guests of honor! Talk with your florist (like Fasan Florist) to find unique ways to display your favorite flowers at your event, and give your shower the style and class that fresh arrangements bring. 


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sending gifts while traveling for work

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