sending gifts while traveling for work

sending gifts while traveling for work

Ways To Display Fresh Flowers During An Anniversary Dinner Party

Ella Young

If you are hosting an anniversary dinner party at your home for your parents and want to decorate your dining room for the occasion, consider displaying fresh flowers in a few different ways by following the suggestions below.

Colorful Placard To Hang On The Wall

Use a thick piece of card stock or poster board to create a colorful placard to hang on the wall, welcoming your parents, extended family members, and friends. Use a thin marker to trace stencils onto the front of the card stock or poster board that spell out your parent's names and state the date that they were married. Fill in the stencils with craft paint.

Once the paint has dried, cut the stems from a wide variety of flowers. Secure the flowers to the front of the placard with craft glue. Once the glue dries, apply a coat of acrylic craft spray to the front of the finished project. The spray will preserve the appearance of the paint and fresh flowers. Secure the decorative piece to a wall in your dining room with strips of adhesive.

Personalized Dinner Place Tags

Use blank index cards that are different colors to create personalized place tags for the dining room table. Write each guest's name with a paint marker. Secure small flowers around each name with drops of craft glue. Once the glue dries, apply craft spray to the front of each card and place the cards in small holders that are set up directly in front of each place setting.

As each guest arrives for the dinner party, they will be able to find the spot that you have designated for them. The place tags will make unique mementos, that guests can bring home with them once the event is over, as well.

Festive Centerpiece

Secure a piece of foam inside of the bottom of a decorative bowl. Purchase a variety of flowers and trim each one's stem so that it is only a few inches tall. Decide how you would like to arrange the flowers that will be connected to the foam. Puncture the foam with the tip of each stem. Push the stems far down into the foam until all of the flowers are secure.

Wrap some colorful vines or foliage around the bowl to give the finished centerpiece a natural and intriguing appearance. Apply a preservative spray to each flower and stem. The spray will prevent the flowers from wilting or turning brown.

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sending gifts while traveling for work

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