sending gifts while traveling for work

sending gifts while traveling for work

Create A Fall Ombre Tablescape

Ella Young

A fall ombre tablescape will make a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner spread. Use multiple flower and plant arrangements, wooden boxes, and stenciled designs to complete this project.


  • fresh-cut flowers and plants
  • floral foam
  • craft scissors
  • water
  • glass containers (various heights)
  • pruning scissors or floral clippers
  • paint
  • stencils
  • paintbrush
  • wooden boxes
  • spray bottle

Prepare The Boxes, Glass Containers, And Floral Foam

Before purchasing flowers and plants, prepare the boxes that will be used to house them. Light-colored wooden boxes that are oblong in shape will make sufficient holders. The objective is to place the holders side by side in the center of the table. Items will be arranged by color, starting with lighter shades and ending with darker shades. This will provide the ombre effect (gradual blending of one color hue to another).

Use craft paint and stencils to add simple designs to the front, back, and sides of the boxes. Place glass holders in each box and cut pieces of floral foam to squeeze between the holders. The holders and the floral foam will be used to secure the flowers and plants. The reason for using both of these items is to produce a decoration that contains foliage that is displayed at various heights. 

Purchase Autumn Merchandise From A Flower Shop

Marigolds, dahlias, wheatgrass, and corn husks are several flowers and plants that you could expect to encounter during the autumn. Purchase these and other varieties that are recommended by a florist. Tell the florist about the project that you are completing so that they can suggest varieties that will encompass the color scheme that you are using.

Arrange The Flowers And Plants

Once home, separate the flowers and plants by color and lay them out in the order that you would like them to be displayed. Add a few inches of water to the glass holders and use water to saturate the pieces of floral foam. Trim the stems of each item that is going to be placed inside of a jar or secured to the floral foam. Begin placing the flowers and plants inside of the wooden boxes.

Use your visual judgment to determine if each arrangement is balanced with one another. Set the filled boxes in the center of the table. Before your guests arrive for dinner, refresh the foliage by using a spray misting bottle to apply a generous amount of water to the stems, leaves, and petals. For help, consult a flower arrangment professional.


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sending gifts while traveling for work

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